Our Services

Enterprise Architecture Services

Ajontech offers a number of services supporting a company’s Enterprise Architecture needs.  An Enterprise Architecture defines how technology and systems are used to support and aid the business in accomplishing it’s goals and objectives in delivering it’s products and services.  Every company has an Enterprise Architecture but many companies have not defined the architecture and do not control it in a manner that allows efficient and cost effective deployment and use of resources. Ajontech offers services in support of defining and managing your companies Enterprise Architecture.

Logical/Application Architecture

A logical architecture defines the types of solutions required to support the functions of a business and services provided by the business.  In TOGAF this is called the Application Architecture. For example a hotel needs to allow a customer to reserve a room for some future date.  This implies a need for a reservation system.  The reservation system is the logical or application architecture component.  It may be implemented with a manual system or an automated IT system depending on other factors within the business, like size and number of customers. We can work with your company to help you define and establish logical architectures that reflect the needs of your organization.

Technology Architecture

Technology Architecture is the existing or planned technology solutions that are deployed in support of your organizations needs. Once a Logical or Application Architecture is established, the existing deployed technologies or solutions can be mapped to that architecture. This will aid in showing gaps (needs that are not being met) and overlaps (when multiple solutions are deployed that can address the same needs). Ajontech can assist in identify existing technologies, evaluating then for effectiveness and mapping them to a logical or application architecture.

Ajontech also offers assistance in technology evaluation and assessment to aid you in making the best solution decisions to meet your company’s needs.

Governance Workshops

Governance concerns establishing the policies, standards, guidelines, and processes needed to to make consistent IT decisions in alignment with business needs and strategies. The governance needs of an organization vary based on the type of decisions being made.  For example one set of organizations and processes may be involved in evaluating and selecting new technologies, while a set of different processes and organizations may make decisions on how the new technology is best deployed.

Often when a new technology is deployed decisions have to be made as to how the technology will be managed.  For example if a central service bus is used then rules governing publication and consumption of the services need to be established and enforced.  This holds true for common code repositories, content management, messaging systems and many others areas of concern as well.

Ajontech can create and facilitate governance workshops to help your organization establish the right level and structure of governance for any area of decision making.