2020 – Another Exciting Year?

2020 is a difficult year for many of us, especially those serving the Hospitality industry.  Business is down by 80%. Resources are being spent on surviving and preparing for when the storm is over. 

In spite of that, Ajontech is still here.  We continue volunteering our time doing pro-bono work and supporting on-going involvement with the HTNG, the Open Group and other technology standards organizations.  The Small Business Association has said that most small businesses fail within five years.  We are beating those odds expecting to start our eighth year in business in 2021.

Ajontech LLC is a technology consulting company primarily serving the Hospitality industry.  Our services cover Security, Privacy, Enterprise, and IT Architectures. We are also planning to offer a new Software Engineering consulting practice.  We provide IT workshops and consulting on special IT needs and projects.

Look for new workshops on Light-weight Service Management and Software Engineering for Project Starts and shorter sessions on various other topics coming soon.

Feel free to drop in on this site periodically to see what’s new.